About Us

TAPASVI being a friend, companion guide and enabler, is working with the community by understanding its needs resources and methods to solve its problems following certain stages and techniques for educating and organizing a community for a common goal.
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The Tapasvi for the welfare and upliftment of the poor People, Street Children, orphans,semi orphans, physically and Mentally challenged, Blind, Deaf and Dumb and people and those who are helpless like who are in needy.


TAPASVI seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where disabled children are saved from exploitation, harassment, cruelty and untimely death.


We put abandoned, disabled children from poor communities in the center because we know that they’re alive for a reason and that they can overcome their challenges with our hope.

Future Plans

1.The great challenge of the time is to alleviate the social problems need of the people, service of the people of the society their upliftment and enhance their quality of life with scientific methods to the diagnose and solution of social problems.
2.Collect and disseminate information data, which affects performance of NGO’s and other members of TAPASVI.
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Our Projects

Tapasvi Elder Care Center

Old age home Project is in Hyderabad with support of Community people and local contributions.

Tejonilayam Center

Orphanage Project is in Mamidipally, Armoor, Nizamabad District, with support of Community people and local contributions.

Aksharajyothi in Slum

Free Education Project is in Singarani colony, Karmalgath,Hyderabad, Telangana. With support of Community people and local contributions.

womens welfare & Employment Centers

Vemulavada village, Rajanna sirisilla District, Armoor, Nizamabad District, With support of Infosys company and local people Contributions.

Rehabilitation Day Care Center

InVenkatapuram, Alwal Secunderabad. With the support of our Well-wishers and the local people Contributions