“We believe Education is the only way to be  A good person in this world”.

Tapasvi Akshara Jyothi in Slum We give free education to the slum area children. In rural and village Slum areas those who are not studying, who are daily going to work and wondering on roads.

Volunteers will guide the Children’s. “What is the value of the education, how much is necessary for you in future”. Collecting that children’s information, Counseling with their parent’s awareness campaigns on education.

Tapasvi will support their family & children in full filling their wants in education like books and needs of the children. Tapavi will take complete care of those children. Who are interested to study continuously till the settled in their Job?

In the rural and villages slums the tapasvi volunteers will conduct the awareness programs about the education and also take care of food, for them if necessary. And also conduct awareness program for the parents about the importance of education for the children. If the children’s are not going to the school.The tapasvi volunteer will take personal care about that child to join in School.

Tapasvi will find out the talent in the children and will sponsor for their education. Through Tapasvi Akshra jyothi in slum will take special care for the children in teaching the Special Activity programs for them. They will teach the Human relations, Ethics, Values of our Nation, as service towards the needy poor.

“Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement

To keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are”