Tapasvi Awards  . The Tapasvi Award Committee will conducted some competitions with all kind of peoples.  who are impressed by the Public & Private persons and who are doing their Service to the Society?  Who believe country is our motherland? Who feels their Services for Nation? In that the tapasvi will conduct the research analysis, Measure of their talent and successes, like Cultural, Dance, Drama, Sports, Arts, Education, Hard workers, Creativeness , Social cause, Self Employment, fashion Designer, cooking,  Story writing, Business area, which are help full for the society Supporting to our nation.

All areas for those who are talented in the field of Particular area in various fields the tapasvi Recognize the talented persons & hard workers. Achievement of success of their life, and that field has to helpful for the Society. Particularly keep eye in the field of cultural arts, education, self employment, creativeness, helpful to the society through their success.

Genuine people aren’t desperate for attention; they don’t try to show off. They know that when they speak in a friendly, confident, and concise manner, people are much more attentive to and interested in what they have to say than if they try to show.

“Numbers don’t count. Even if we can change one life, it means a great deal to us.”