Tapasvi Tejonilayam center for the support the children welfare, give free education, and Shelter for orphans, Semi orphans, below poverty children. We implementing gurukulam system with following modern educational,System. The Tapasvi Children surya namasker, yoga and exercise. Fern.  With regular prayer including, meditation, moral stories, and motivation speeches.

Tapasvi is recognize the children not going school they immediately it works to survey in particular villages then tapasvi will  provide necessary support in all the field to give basic education to them. If any children have any talent we support them, concentrate on each children to encourage in reading, writing and understanding .And also in their personal interest like in drawing, dances, games and sports.

Our main objective is that each child can learn how to settle in their life not only by getting jobs but also in other activities. And also they develop in their attitude and behavior. And they become a good citizen in the society.

And we can proudly say that we are started a step towards to achieve our aim

And we hope we can reach our goal implementing our methods with our sincere efforts.Our slogan is

“Better Education — Better future “