Tapasvi Elders Care Center is the Service, home for Elders Persons. Home may be defined as “A retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens”. It is sometimes called an old age home or Retirement home.

  Old age home is for men & Women aged unfortunate and unexpected destination despite

Tapasvi Ensure the friendly environment for the poor helpless and elder persons towards achieving promising peaceful conditions for them basic needs through establishment and operation of a sustainable, Elders home.

Tapasvi well managed, community participated programs by them quality food, health care friendly learning environment for the poor feel that it’s their elders Own Home.

Tapasvi is care for the elders by giving special attention for them in their food shelter, care of medicines and care of love, affection, dressing for their comfortable, bedding and also recognize the talent in them of their work. Also some need physiotherapy attend service, Medical service and also nursing for them.

We promote resource generating activities for financial sustainability of the Elders Care Center beyond donor funding. We give they by safe accommodation, nursing, health checkups and also other basic needs we full fill by environmental, spiritually, socially Mentally, friend nature etc.

“We believe Education is the only way to be A good person in this world”.

Our Elders Care Center includes a wide range of services catering to various physical and emotional needs to ensure that they get the healthiest and the most holistic care possible. We provide high-quality elder care suiting to all kinds of needs and requirements and make them feel comfortable with homely environment. 

We provide them Indoor games, newspapers, magazines and Television to relax. We also make them do bhajans, prayers in the evenings.We aim to ensure that the independence and dignity of the elderly are maintained and we see that they are satisfied and happy.