Tapasvi Spiritual Service & Activities:

Comes from Spirituality if human mind comes to wisdom by understand Nature of birth in earth the human knowledge in high level comes social services. So the human relationships connect with supreme On the Nature of human mind if any problem get automatically they will connect with lord and as per their horoscope the reminds will depend for their problem. The part of services must and should in the social services the services will conduct the privations development of temples management of temples.


The Tapasvi for the welfare and up-lift men of the poor People, Street Children, orphans, semi orphans, physically and Mentally challenged, Blind, Deaf and Dumb and people and those who are helpless like who are in needy.


  • Women Empowerment
  • Tapasvi Tejonilayam
  • Oldage People Caring

Future Plans

Future Plans-1

The great challenge of the time is to alleviate the social problems need of the people, service of the people of the society their upliftment and enhance their quality of life with scientific methods to the diagnose and solution of social problems.

Future Paln-2

We look forward to association with all non-governmental organizations and individual educational institutions and other institutions with same motto and good will in Telangana / A. P. and in India to tap their experience and expertise and draw an agreed plan.

Future Paln-3

Such a plan would be designed to achieve new consolidate and strengthen our existing area of work and explore new perspective in different directions to take up this challenge.

Future Paln-4

TAPASVI would identify priority issues which would encompass large
sections of marginalized and which call for immediate attention and
action in various parts of the country.