This services is too connected indentifies all areas for talent in people and get them at one place and Bond the human relations. With co-ordination with other organizations designs the program to “Honor them” to get encouragement to others and also we support if they need get up of their talents. Tapasvi also gives to get support to talents by the entertainment programs, conduct, games, drawing, Art, sports, Drams, Debits etc.,many more..

The recognition identifies selection criteria.  The selection criteria may be linked to a department’s mission or core values or positive behaviors.  To help with this process, create an excellence survey to find out and think of Awardees should exhibit to be nominated for awards.  Also, seek input from management on the types of Awards they want to be recognized. Here are some examples of selection criteria: Teamwork, Going the Extra Mile, Customer Service, Professional Development, and Award for Excellence, Creativity and Innovation, Performance Excellence, Leadership, Commitment, Flexibility, Innovative any Talent of them.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, To be compassionate, to have it make some Difference that you have lived and lived well”


Tapasvi Self Employment Training Center for Ladies, Nizamabad, and where the needy is ther in Telangana & in Andhra Pradesh. We gives training to women to find livelihoods close to their homes that allow them to earn income in a safe environment while also balancing family time. We provide work for women through tailoring, embroidery, making paper bags. We make a wide range of ethnic and eco-friendly products including jute bags and folders that are suitable as conference bags or for wedding gifts and other gifting purposes.

Here we are giving training to 40 women in making different types of Jute bags, and tailoring to them. They are stitching school dress, jute bags and handmade items. We readily support the poor and needy especially women of all areas to enhance their welfare and quality of life.


We are taking care for Orphans/semi orphans/ poor children who are needy by giving shelter, food, Education and medical as a permanent project. Here we educate them and give them trainings in various skills and show them how to lead their lives in future. 


In this center we are giving free education, food, shelter, to 15 children who are semi orphans and poor. Also we are giving skill training to village women in tailoring, education, awareness programs. And conducting many activities.


In this center we are giving free education, food, shelter to18 children who are semi orphans and poor needy, also we are giving skill training to village women in tailoring, education, awareness programs. And conducting many activities.

TAPASVI (GRS High School)

Tapasvi adopted School name GRS HIGH SCHOOL, Mamidipalli, Armoor, Nizamabad District.Tapasvi is giving free education for the needy children who are poor in Armoor and in rural slum of this area. We take up as a permanent project. We are supporting 103 children by giving free education.(Textbooks, Notebooks, School Uniform, and Shoes etc)


Tapasvi is supporting the children in education and giving free tuitions joining the children in govt Schools who are wondering in street and going to work. Giving counseling to the parents by our volunteers of Tapasvi. Here we are taking care  for 45 children in education. Slum area near Karmanghat. We are providing them Notebooks, School Uniforms, and Shoes etc.


To support women by the Tapasvi Legal Aid and Counseling Centre. It is a part of the welfare of the society in social services. This project has taken for the deficient services of the field for the women.

To support women who are facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic abuse irrespective of age, caste, education status, marital status. The elderly women or men facing harassments for the property with children and for money. Women facing harassment in each and every phase of her age Labor child harassment etc.